Your drivers go on regular routes to Russia or Belarus?

TankYou is a modern, innovative, safe and tested system that replaces fuel cards with a most simple mobile phone.

How does TankYou work?

petrol pump

All data related with purchasing fuel will be available to you in real time – similarly as online banking.

driver by phone

Add a driver, enter his mobile phone number and apply limitations – all in one minute – and he already can make a purchase!

data exchange with the database

By the driver’s request the system sends purchase code that is verified by filling station operator and then enables a fuel pump.


Report on the purchase is available at that same moment, because the system works in real time mode.


Perfect transparency, overview and control.


Risk of fraud decreases to minimum.


Optimization for fuel purchase expenses decreases by 5%.


TankYou system works for five years already – it’s proven and safe.

mobile phones


To pay for fuel the driver can use even the simplest mobile phone!

How is fuel purchased through TankYou?


Register a driver in the system and enter his phone number.

phone sends an sms

To make a purchase, the drier sends a message.

data base

System authorizes the purchase by sending a code.

payment terminal

The cashier of filling station verifies the code by entering it in terminal.

payment receipt

Driver fills the tank and receives a receipt that proves the purchase.

money transaction

Money from TankYou system account is transferred to the seller.

reports available on all devices

Company management immediately receives notification about the purchase.

What do our clients say?

We use TankYou system for four years and we are very satisfied.

Fuel cards used to get lost a lot and at the end of month we used to find suspicious purchases. Now these problems are long gone, everything is transparent and can be easily checked.

Life with TankYou is convenient, easy and practical.

Gunita Kaša administrator, “Jana-S” Ltd

It’s easier to pay for vignette with a message!

You no longer need to go to filling station to buy road fees – you can just send an SMS!

To make lives of drivers and accountants easier we have created the service – convenient and simple way to buy vignette by simply sending a message.

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