Gain absolute control and transparency!
All information about fuel prices in filling stations and reports about drivers’ purchases will be available to you in real time.
Any changes are applied in speed of light.
You need to add another driver or block a current one? Just a couple of clicks and your changes have been applied.
Make your own filling station network.
Follow fuel prices and determine which filling stations can be used and which not. Activating or deactivating a filling station will take only a couple of seconds.
All necessary analytics can be easily reviewed.
System offers to easily review and export data to practically any format you might need.
Forget about fraud risks!
By refusing fuel cards you can forget about the inconveniences and losses they make if the cards get stolen or lost, and used for fraudulent activities.
Only checked filling stations are included in the system.
For a filling station to start working in TankYou system, it is firstly assessed in accordance with strict criteria, so our clients would receive the best possible product and services.
Network of carefully selected filling stations in strategically important areas to you.
TankYou network has more than 200 filling stations in Russia and Belarus. They have been proven over the years of cooperation and conform to highest standards.
Integration with your used systems
Beginning with Telematic and GPS and finishing with accounting and record keeping – TankYou conveniently exchanges data with most significant programs.
Five year experience and 99.99% guarantee.
TankYou system works since 2012 - during this time and with our mediation more than 200 million liters of fuel have been sold. We guarantee that the system works continuously for 99.99% of the time.
Reduce fuel buying expenses for up to 5%.
Transparency and controllability, as well as the prevented fraud schemes will reduce your losses and expenses for buying fuel will drop by up to 5%.
Financial convenience and additional options to save money.
For advance payment clients TankYou guarantees fast transfer of assets in the system, as well as currency exchange will be handled in transaction process for the most beneficial rate. Good crediting provisions available as well.
Client support office – always at your service.
In situations where there are uncertainties or issues, you can always contact our friendly, helpful and professional client support office.
You can access the system from any deice and location.
Wherever you are – if only you have internet connection and a tablet or smartphone, you can fully work in the system, because it’s optimized and also accessible from mobile phones.